Out with new, In with the old

As you know, I recently finished cataloging all of my pattern stash. As you might have noticed, I joined Thrifty365. What do those two things have in common?

As I reviewed each and every pattern I own, I asked myself: "Am I EVER going to make this? Am I too darn old for that style? Have my children outgrown this pattern? Why do I have TWO of these?"

As I delved deeper into my stash, I realized that there was a common thread with many patterns and I came to the realization that as my skills have grown, I'm able to borrow from Pattern A and add it to Pattern B to make a design that I'm truly in love with. Sadly, some of my patterns were not treated as well as they should've been. I'm going to delve deeper into the pile that I've culled and when I'm done, all the patterns will be listed in my Etsy shop. I don't need them anymore and if they can work for someone else, then WAHOO.

The highlights include:
  • Simplicity 5785 - A reissue of "fashion doll" clothes from the 50s/60s.
  • A whole bunch of brand new, factory fold Big 4 patterns
  • Children's clothing patterns that are in factory folds but the envelopes have markings on them
  • Patterns I've messed with but didn't actually make
It's going to take me a while to list them all, but my purge is your gain!

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Lizzy said...

I'll visit ypur etsy shop to see if I can buy at least one.