Down but not out!

UPDATE: This is post #111 and it's Jan 2011. How cool is THAT? Okay, back to your regularly scheduled reading.

I've been down for the count since Wednesday with some mystery virus. I'm alternating between, woozy and headachy and downright putrid. However, that doesn't stop the wheels in my head that keep turning since I first saw that little old man... Okay maybe channeling Gaston from Beauty & The Beast is probably not the best idea ever but it's completely understandable since it IS the school musical that will happen in a couple of months.

Anyhoo, I've been playing around with and making my own fabric designs. It certainly is a time intensive process. The textile design challenge on Project Runway has ALWAYS been my fave challenge. I've wished I could do something like that. And Spoonflower has contests that sort of follow that idea. I've entered the Jokers and the Year of the Rabbit contests and hope I make it to the top 10. I didn't in the Rococo, but that was my first (weak) attempt. Every design I work on gets better. I just have to hone my skillz. Which is hard to do when you're flat on your back on the sofa with your dress form MOCKING you from the corner.

Back to the topic at hand. Once upon a time, I wrote and illustrated a story called The Very Busy Mouse based on the events that happened at a friend's house over the course of a week. Let's just say I have a warped sense of humour. VERY warped. But she liked it. Well, fast forward a couple or three years and I had this inspiration... Wouldn't that make a terrifically funny comic strip fabric? If your sense of humour is as twisty as mine, you would. ;-D

Here's the link to it. You might need to embiggen it a bit to see the word bubbles. But it's worth it. I promise! In fact, I'm thinking of offering 1 yard of this (or any of my fabric designs) in a "100 Follower" give away. Which at the rate I'm going is going to be a very long ways out, but it will build excitement, no?

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