Housecleaning Haiku: The Living Room

We don't have a "family room" or a "formal living room". We have a living room. Our house is small with just 8 rooms plus the back porch laundry "room". Even though the kids have HUGE rooms by modern standards - one bedroom is 13x15 and the other is 10x15 while most modern houses have 10x10 ancillary rooms - they seem to bring their STUFF into MY living room. Which I can't stand. Sure we have the TV and the game consoles there and the kids love to watch Netflix on the TV, but come OOOOOOON people. It's a living room, not a "drop your crap all over the floor and under the sofa and hide things in MOM's ottomans" room.

The Living Room

Living Room, not Kids' room
Why must you trash it daily?
Take your STUFF away!

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K2 said...

LOL. Do we live in the same house? The only difference is I have only one kid that takes over all common spaces as his own.