C is for Color!

Don't hate me because I've wanted to do this for... ever. I'm not a weirdo, I promise. I'm just a mom who is sick and tired of grey hairs and needs a little oomph! Besides which, my better half says it's "a little naughty" and likes it. Like "like" likes it. Of course, he said the same thing when I shaved my head. I love that man. :-D

Post bleach, pre wash                          Post bleach, post wash

The part
The front
Now I kinda like this look. Apparently, the bleach gave my hair a little more texture rather than being all flatsy in the front. I normally need gel or something to get that lift in the front. The pink is less of a fuschia and borders more on coral in the spots where the dye took less. It's nice. I'm not much of a "pink" girl, but I like this. It fades from pink to brown in the back. And if I didn't like it, it will grow out in probably 2 weeks anyway. :-D

For reference, I used Manic Panic "Red Passion". You can click the pic to get more info!

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