A Dress Of A Different Color

My MIL sends my girls dresses just about every year. And for the last few years, they've been cream/ivory. And that wouldn't be bad except for the fact that we now have multiple ivory formal dresses in multiple sizes. Right now, I've got an armoire full of fancy dresses that are in perfect condition, some never having been worn.

So, I decided that rather than donate them to the local charity shop, I could change them up a bit. After all, the dresses are lovely and were fairly expensive.

Dress #1: a Barbie branded sleeveless number with lace overlay.
Just out of the dye bath
Product used: Dylon Bahama Blue for natural fibers. The result was pretty much what I expected. The girls are ecstatic about the robin's egg blue dresses. After washing the dresses, I need to tack down the trimwork by hand just to make it look more finished because the lace got a little floppy on me. But I'd have done that anyway.

Dress #2: Gold threaded embroidery embellishes the bodice


Product used: iDye Poly in brown. I like the result. It's a sort of aged antique rose shade. Which works well with the bodice embroidery. But Pee-yew does it STINK. I will never use iDye Poly again. I'll stick to Dylon or Rit for natural fibers and take my chances. I expected for the result to be darker, but the dresses were in the bath for a full hour each. You'd think that a dye that is for synthetic fibers would actually result in the color on the packet. Notsomuch with this one.

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