Why, yes, yes I am a GeekMom™

Our oldest child has ADD. To say that getting her to remember even the basics like "turn in the homework that Mom sat with you to help you finish" and "bring home your homework assignments, lunchbox and anything that you wore to school today" has been a challenge to say the least... Well, my friends, it's the understatement of the millenium.

So I made her a checklist. I shall laminate it so that it doesn't get all nasty. You wanna see it? You KNOW you want to. It's Geekalicious™. Jen at Epbot, this one's for you.
PipBoy3000 Elementary School Edition
You think this will help? I might cut the PipBoy3000 out for added effect. What say you?

Okay, so I went ahead and trimmed it and laminated it. Here's the finished article:

I changed the font color so it would show up better on the black background.

Ask and it shall be given!

Yesterday was the rye-less rye bread test, courtesy of the Gluten Free Goddess. It came out well, I think. The bread is slightly crumbly, but overall it tastes like rye bread and makes a great pastrami sandwich.

On my other blog, I have a feature called Fortune Cookie Friday where I post the wisdom found in a fortune cookie. On Fridays. Which is all well and good when you can eat the fortune cookies. I love fortune cookies. But fortune cookies have gluten. Which means my trips to the Panda Express are going to be limited in the future. So I thought to myself, what am I going to do? How am I ever, ever going to be able to do another FCF if I can't have fortune cookies? Never mind the fact that I don't HAVE to eat the cookies and I won't break out in hives if I touch one... So I thought to myself (again), I bet I can conjure up a recipe. That's the ticket! But then, I thought some more and said, Just let me Google it first. I bet someone else has ALREADY done the work for me! And they have. Over at Celiac.com, there's a recipe for Gluten-Free Chinese Fortune Cookies. Too bad they don't come with the fortunes already. Oh well... At least I can still steal my kids' fortunes and post them. :-)

First things first

My apoligies for not updating sooner. I've been away for the entire summer and then school started and we're just getting back into the groove. Bewaaaaaaaaaaare the groooooooove!

As you may have noticed, the blog background has changed! I noticed this for the first time today when my spiffy background, courtesy of The Cutest Blog on the Block, was MISSING. Since I had to track down my background and reinstall it anyway, I figured it was time for a change. And let's be honest, the other background was just a little too foofy for my taste but at the time was the best I could do.

How do you like the new background?

In other news, I learned that I'm gluten intolerant. While I haven't had the testing done to see if it's full-blow Celiac's Disease, my doctor has warned me to not eat gluten. So one thing you'll see a lot more of are posts about my adventures in gluten-free baking. Right now, I've got my first-ever loaf of gluten-free anything in the oven. It's from the Gluten-Free Goddess and it's a rye-less rye bread. This had to be my first thing to try because I'm a serious fan of a Reuben sandwich. And since my eldest child is off gluten thanks to her ADD diagnosis - which I know hasn't been "proven" in a double-blind controlled study - it's just easier for everyone to eat what I eat. We'll see how it tastes. I've got pastrami in the fridge waiting for bread.