Why, yes, yes I am a GeekMom™

Our oldest child has ADD. To say that getting her to remember even the basics like "turn in the homework that Mom sat with you to help you finish" and "bring home your homework assignments, lunchbox and anything that you wore to school today" has been a challenge to say the least... Well, my friends, it's the understatement of the millenium.

So I made her a checklist. I shall laminate it so that it doesn't get all nasty. You wanna see it? You KNOW you want to. It's Geekalicious™. Jen at Epbot, this one's for you.
PipBoy3000 Elementary School Edition
You think this will help? I might cut the PipBoy3000 out for added effect. What say you?

Okay, so I went ahead and trimmed it and laminated it. Here's the finished article:

I changed the font color so it would show up better on the black background.


EricaJo said...

OMG I saw this and wanted to cry! I am NOT the only geeky girl who sews her *ss off and plays video games when the only other option is to throw the machine out the WINDOW! Thankyou!

llama,llama not yo mama said...

I'm telling you it's like the Wasteland out there sometimes. And then when you find a like minded individual, it's like Vault Boy riding in to the rescue. :-D