Ask and it shall be given!

Yesterday was the rye-less rye bread test, courtesy of the Gluten Free Goddess. It came out well, I think. The bread is slightly crumbly, but overall it tastes like rye bread and makes a great pastrami sandwich.

On my other blog, I have a feature called Fortune Cookie Friday where I post the wisdom found in a fortune cookie. On Fridays. Which is all well and good when you can eat the fortune cookies. I love fortune cookies. But fortune cookies have gluten. Which means my trips to the Panda Express are going to be limited in the future. So I thought to myself, what am I going to do? How am I ever, ever going to be able to do another FCF if I can't have fortune cookies? Never mind the fact that I don't HAVE to eat the cookies and I won't break out in hives if I touch one... So I thought to myself (again), I bet I can conjure up a recipe. That's the ticket! But then, I thought some more and said, Just let me Google it first. I bet someone else has ALREADY done the work for me! And they have. Over at, there's a recipe for Gluten-Free Chinese Fortune Cookies. Too bad they don't come with the fortunes already. Oh well... At least I can still steal my kids' fortunes and post them. :-)

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P. said...

I'll have to try that recipe. I like just about everything else I've made by Gluten-Free Goddess but haven't tried any of the bread recipes yet.