or Unfinished Fabric Objects

They lurk in every sew-person's stash. They hide in obscure places waiting to jump out at you and stick you with a straight pin when you least expect it.

Today, my UFOs were put on notice: "You will be complete. Yes, you will."

I've taken the pledge not to begin one more sewing project until all my UFOs are dealt with appropriately. I'm only a little bummed about this because I wanted a spiffy new outfit for our 10th anniversary dinner tomorrow night but oh well.
I solemnly pledge not to begin any new projects until these are finished or lower in priority.

Here's my list (in no particular order):

1.Denim skirt repair
2.Denim skirt finish
3.Flannel jumper finish - for Fall
4.Crib blanket finish - post to Etsy - needs blanket binding
5.Captain Jack Sparrow t-shirt finish
6.Hem Gabriella's jeans
7.Replace Lorenzo's button - needs buttons
8.Batik blouse finish
9.Girls' sundresses finish
10.Boy's pjs finish - for Christmas
11.Kids' robes finish
12.Kids' t-shirt refashion/transfers - for Christmas - need measurements

I've cleared three UFOs last night - some machine embroidery for the kids' Christmas gifts.

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