Housecleaning Haiku: The Bathroom

Inspired by the instant gratification that comes from cleaning our small (and ONLY) bathroom, I present the first installment in the "Housecleaning Haiku" series. Feel free to add your own in the commbox. :-D Today is

The Bathroom

I hate to clean you,
smallest room in house, instant

I really DO hate to clean the bathroom. But I'm eternally grateful that we only have one even if we do have 5 people sharing it. The funny thing is, I've been admonished that we should've moved to a bigger (aka more bathrooms) house when we first had kids 8 years ago. Let me tell you, I'm so glad that I've had 8 years of only ONE bathroom to clean while potty training. I hate dealing with bathroom mess. The thought of having it spread through more than one bathroom honestly gives me panic attacks.

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EricaJo said...

Agree with the instant gratification part. Even if you only clean a little (after my 6 year-old brushes his teeth...) you feel instantly better!