Fun With Statistics

I've posted before about my obsession with cataloging my patterns. And how a 99¢ sale at the local Mega Fabric Mart is like a siren song. Well... This morning at a quarter to two EST, I completed my catalog. At least of the patterns that are complete, in envelopes and readily at hand. I'm not counting patterns that are in the garage in a bin (not too many of those) or empty envelopes that I've no clue where the pattern pieces went (two of those) or the patterns that are en route to me from a variety of Etsy sellers.

Nope. Just the ones at hand. I found exactly TWO duplicates in my stash of 292 patterns. They can be found in my Etsy shop. Now on to the stats:

288 Unique Patterns
  • 135 Vintage, Vintage Reissue or Vintage Repro Patterns
  • 1 Backpack Pattern
  • 10 Apron Patterns
  • 89 Children's Patterns
  • 20 Costume Patterns
  • 1 "Cozy Wear" Pattern
  • 42 Craft Patterns
  • 61 Women's Dress Patterns
  • 2 Home Dec Patterns
  • 7 Jacket Patterns (there are 2 copies of two patterns because I needed both size ranges)
  • 7 Lingerie Patterns
  • 3 Needlework Patterns
  • 8 Skirt Patterns
By Era:
  • 6 1980s Patterns
  • 20 1970s Patterns
  • 13 1960s Patterns
  • 35 1950s Patterns
  • 32 1940s Patterns
  • 7 1930s Patterns
  • 1 Early 1900s Pattern
  • 1 Regency Pattern
By Pattern Company:
  • 4 Advance Patterns
  • 1 AmericanWeekly Pattern
  • 5 Burda Patterns
  • 46 Butterick Patterns
  • 8 Mail Order Patterns including 2 Grit, 1 Pictorial Review, 1 Ladies Home Journal, 1 Let's Sew, 1 Capper's Weekly, 1 Vogart Needlework and 1 Superior Needlework
  • 1 Kwik Sew Pattern
  • 1 Hollywood Pattern
  • 27 McCall's Patterns
  • 20 New Look Patterns
  • 140 Simplicity Patterns <--- The irony of this is not lost on me. Why? Because "Simplicity" is an oxymoron when it comes to their pattern instructions. I find Vogue patterns easier to comprehend.
  • 27 Vogue Patterns
  • 1 Wearing History Pattern
  • 1 Sense & Sensibility Pattern
Are your eyes glazing over yet? Because mine are. And that's not even close to a fully accurate breakdown.

I dated all my vintage patterns as closely as I could using the guide over at Cemetarian. And my better half is working on an app for Windows Phone/Windows 7 that will hold the catalog - complete with pattern envelope image. Once the app is finished and tested, we'll offer it for sale. Sorry iPhone/iPod Touch users, Apple is so uptight about programming for their devices that we won't be offering an app for you. I can't say too much about the app as of right now, but it will be "Teh Awesome" and an "Epic Win" once it's finished. I'm such a lucky girl!

Once I get done with digging out the lurking patterns in the garage and receive all my ordered ones, I have a feeling I'm heading for 300 - dun dun DUN!!!!

Tonight we sew in heck! Or something like that...


Little Black Car said...

I just did the same thing with my patterns in my Flickr account!

Anonymous said...

One word. WOW.

You've inspired me to archive my patterns a little better. I set up a database for them a while ago but it definately needs a bit of tweaking.

Also, you're app sounds fantastic. Totally understand why you're not doing the whole iPhone thing, but any chance you'll release a version for Android phones? (pretty please?)

K2 said...

I don't suppose that app will work with the Droid phones too? Because that would be sooooooo cool.

llama,llama not yo mama said...

OK Droid users, I can't promise anything - since I'm not the one coding it! - but IF it is possible, after the W7 version is complete, we'll try to port it to Droid. How much would such an app be worth?

K2 said...

Depends on how flexible the app is. If it is able to take pics with the phone to load into the app. If it can sort by decades or pattern companies or key words. I would say, anything less than $10, I would probably buy it.

llama,llama not yo mama said...

The plan right now is to have it sortable by pattern company, tags (decades, years, type, etc) and the tags can be editable by the end user. Kinda like blogger. ;-) I'll pass along the suggestion to be able to add pix via the onboard camera. Why didn't *I* think of it?

helen said...

I would love to hear about ways to store them so they don't decay further......