(Fan)Boy In The Hood(ie)

My son is a Thomas the Tank Engine Fanboy. And Christmas 2009, he got this Thomas hoodie as a present.
Well, it didn't take long for his little 傻瓜 (sagwa: lit. "melon head" or "fool") to outgrow the head hole, much to his consternation and dismay. He begged me not to donate it. So what's a mom to do?

I figured that I could mod it so that it was a zip up hoodie since the body and sleeves were still the right size. So off I went to the local fabric mega mart this morning to acquire a zipper that would work.

One Perfect Zipper
Amazingly enough, the first zipper I laid my little hand on was the right size *and* color. That NEVER happens. I figure that his guardian angel was looking out for him.

Ready, Steady, GO!
A quick run up the center to split the hoodie, pin the zipper in, stitch close to zipper teeth, turn the edges back and topstitch the front and VOILA! instant zipper hoodie. Thomas is a wee bit crosseyed, but in the immortal words of Oswald Fielding III, "Well, nobody's perfect!"
A really useful - if crosseyed - engine!

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