The 10 Commandments...

of good grooming for women, not THE Ten Commandments (for everybody) popped up in my blog feed over at "It'll Take The Snap Out of Your Garters!" I'm a dead sucker for vintage grooming tips and such and this was right up my alley.
My quick takes?

1. You mean I can't wear ill fitting clothing?
2. I'm good here. At 5'2" tall, I'm not trying to make myself any shorter than I already am!
3. Done! I don't WEAR hose. They're an abomination!
4. Done! I can't stand worn down shoes.
5. I'll go for clean, but I don't particularly like my hair to smell of ANYTHING. It competes with my favorite pefume.
6. Well enough, I guess. I rarely wear cosmetics.
7. Notice they didn't say ANYTHING about loud HAIR. ;-D
8. I'm working on it. I just realized I need an actual slip to wear under an actual skirt.
9. Notice she didn't say ALL THE TIME, just "often". I'm so ON right now.
10. To thine own self be true and as the night follows the day thou canst (ugh Shakespeare!) be false to any man.


Anonymous said...

heh don't hate on my man WS.

llama,llama not yo mama said...

Not hatin', just can't remember the spelling!