Long Time No C!

C is for Color, Color starts with C! Apologies to Cookie Monster.
For a very long time I've wanted to do something outrageous to my hair. It's been every color under the sun, and then some. From platinum blonde to chlorine green, with a stop by Lucille Ball Orange and Black Cherry, even.

However, for the last almost a year, I've had my "natural" color. It all started with Bald For Bucks - a campaign to raise funds for a charity that had helped a little girl whose mom I know through an online forum - how's that for 6 degrees of separation? Anyhow, I shaved my head last March. And I found that I like my hair cropped short a la Audrey Hepburn. It suits my face and personality. The only thing that didn't suit was the color. Massive amounts of GREY do not suit me at all, at all. I'm not old and grey hair is for old people. I've lived with it. But I haven't liked it.
Mother's Little Helper
So tonight, I did something different. I pulled out the "Flash Lightening" kit that had been languishing in my bathroom cupboard for well over a year and got to work. The box says that it will lighten any hair almost to white. Which might seem counterintuitive when I'm trying to ditch the greys. But I've got a plan. And it's not to channel Lana Turner or Marilyn Monroe. No sirreebob. Not unless the blonde bombshells have a couple of friends named Tish & Snooky. No, I'm thinking more Stefani and less Madonn-y. ;-)


Once the sections that I've painted have lightened up enough - and it looks like it won't take the full 2 hours! - I'll wash and add some color back.

Bag Head
 Stay tuned for the results!

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