Strictly Ballroom!

My middle child will be competing in her very first ballroom competition this summer. I couldn't be more thrilled and our mutual coach thinks she has a lot of promise. Add that promise to her determination to "go on So You Think You Can Dance, win and then go be a professional on Dancing With The Stars" and well... It was inevitable. Miss Thing just turned 7 a month ago yesterday and has been giving us that speech for the last two years at least.

In the past, children's costuming has been... a little over the top? But now the rules are extremely restrictive. So goes the pendulum, I guess. Here's a pictorial example of what's allowed:
Image from NDCA website
Since there are limits on what could be worn and how, I decided that going vintage was going to be our best bet for a costume. I'd be sure to get a decent amount of skirt width for sure! So I gave my middle child a choice of three vintage patterns and her choice was Simplicity 3243 from 1939. I haven't done a ton of 1930s sewing, so this will be fun to work with and will go towards the "Sewing Through The Decades" challenge as well.

She chose the middle one on the bottom row since the dress must be knee length. The only modification we're making is to not use any decorations at all. Another rule is that the costume must be made of ONE color. That's OK! Because I've got a bolt of neon/dayglow/electric pink/salmon knit jersey that looks a little like this:
It's Electric!
The monitor of course doesn't do it justice. It's a bit more peachy and when light hits it, it GLOWS. Which is always a good thing.

What it won't look like? The "Her Name Was Lola" look from Strictly Ballroom:

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