Now that I'm finished with the costume...

I'm getting ready to plan my sewing projects for Early Summer (aka April/May in Florida). I've got some loose ideas of what I want to accomplish, so this is totally in it's infancy.

I've got some great fabric that I want to work with that's driving my "spring" sewing.

1. Awesome robin's egg and grey plaid suiting to be made up using Vogue 8701, View B (dress)

2. Robin's egg/black/ivory striped suiting to be made up using Vintage Vogue 2885 Reissue

3. Silky blouse fabric to be made up using Vintage Butterick 3052 (my nemesis pattern) to go with #2 above.

4. "Project Runway" button fabric to be made up using Vintage Simplicity 2844

5. Awesome manga inspired fabric that is OOP to be made up using Wearing History's Sew Chic's "Clara Bow" apron.

6. Amazing (polyesther) voile in turquoise, ivory and green for a blouse. Most likely to be made with my nemesis pattern. The fabric SCREAMS for pintucks.

That's an AWFUL lot of sewing for 8 weeks, really. Especially considering my obligations as PTA President at my kids' school. If I were to prioritize, I'd do #4 & 5 and then get to the rest in July/August in time for "fall" (aka Late Summer).

I've also got a boat load of patterns I need to log into my spreadsheet. Whoops! I thought I had them all...

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