It's a piece of cake to make a pretty cake

If by "piece of cake" one means "takes three days AND some creativity to make sure that the pudding filling isn't too runny because you subbed coconut milk for moo juice."

I'm hoping that Lorenzo the Magnificent's 5th birthday cake doesn't end up looking like one of Jen's Cake Wrecks...

The plan is to make a rainbow half circle cake with a pot of gold at the end. Sound familiar? It might because Lorenzo is a St. Patrick's Day (and yes I spell it out because I'm like that) Baby.

Right now, the cake has been baked and one side has pudding on it waiting in the fridge for it to set (please please please!). I made the cake itself a rainbow by using just 3 colors of tint. Can you guess? That's right, kiddies, Red, Yellow & Blue. I took my handy dandy bamboo skewer thingies and made a circle in the batter with each color and then I blended the colors between the primary colors to make the whole rainbow. And guess what? It baked up FABulous.

After Mass tonight, I'm coming home and finishing up so that I can just enjoy tomorrow's party time. Yes, we delayed it... Don't ask. It involves a birthday dinner out and copious amounts of liquids and a bucket.

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