Beware The Ide(a)s of March!

Tomorrow is the Ides of March. Today is the first day after that ridiculous invention "Daylight Savings Time".

Let me just say that having it happen on a Sunday really blows. Do the Powers That Be have ANY idea how hard it is to get one's children up and out the door for school the day after the time change? UGH. I'd rather see it happen at 2AM on SATURDAY so that you've got an extra day or so to get used to it.

I'm appropriately jetlagged after the time change *and* the oak pollen infestation. And a marathon of "24" episodes. Whoever decided that shooting it with the jumpy camera style is on my hit list. Thank you for a migraine that WOULDN'T stop despite heavy doses of meds and caffeine. I'll find you. Just you wait. And you will pay. Only 16 episodes into Season 8 and I can safely say... Get a different plot line. Please. It's the 8th time Jack Bauer saves the world from terrorists. It's the 8th time there's a mole at CTU. It's the 8th time something BAD happens inside CTU. It's the 8th time there's a director of CTU that needs to grow a pair. Are we sensing a trend here folks? For Season 9 I want to see Jack Bauer blown to smithereens in a nuclear - that's NUKE-LEE-ER, Jack, not NUKE-YOU-LER - blast where there's no chance of him coming back, for Tartarus' sake. Even Herculers and Xena gave up the ghost after 6 seasons. Buy a clue. Quit while you're ahead.

Back to our regularly scheduled posting...

I participated in the Vintage Sewalong of 2011, and I've not finished my dress yet. I've got reasons, but no excuse. It's cut and pinned but not finished. Hopefully it will be finished by the end of Lent.

I participated in the MPB Men's Shirt Sewalong and finished 3 shirts(!) which is probably WHY I didn't finish my dress....... Who me? Obsess much?

I'm taking part in Sewing Through the Decades and I'm still up in the air on some of my projects. I'm hoping to get a grip on myself here pretty soon.

Is there any word on Project Runway? Any word at all? The blogosphere is strangely silent...

In other news, we repainted our bedroom and bought a new armoire for me. Will make a more thorough post on that, pinkie swear! It's totally cool. I need to sew new curtains - oh the agony of straight seams - before I can post the pix.

In the midst of the repaint/renov. of our room, a lot of stuff fell by the wayside... So I'm off to rectify that! See you later, folks!

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