Kebayas R Us

The muslin is completely finished. AND WEARABLE. Woohoo! The sheer blouse/jacket is a repurposed vintage tablecloth from my Nana's. It had a couple of holes that I was able to patch easily and plenty of diameter to get enough trim for the entire affair - including sleeves.

While it is a little biggish, that's OK because the fashion fabric is NOT stretchy at all like the lace and I'll be able to take it in here and there with darts if necessary. I will make it a scootch longer though to get more volume. I might omit the godet on the back. Not sure how that will look in the more structured fabric...


The unfortunate thing about these pictures is that you can't see the actual color. It's not gray/green. It's a lovely light celadon which really complements the sarong part. Tomorrow I start on the fashion fabric version. WOOHOOOOOOOO! Once this is finished, then I'm back to formal wear finishes.

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