12 Months for ME

Many people make "New Year's Resolutions", but not me. I've learned that like avoiding assimilation by the Borg, resistance is futile and resolutions WILL be broken, forgotten, left by the wayside or somehow end up in the Delta quadrant through no fault of their own.

[insert awesome Barney the Dinosaur as Borg clipart that I had a decade ago and has since been lost]

I learned a valuable lesson in 2012. NEVER say "Next year can't possibly be as bad as last year". Because while 2011 was rough, 2012 sucked. Had the Mayan Apocalypse happened on 12/21, I probably wouldn't have cared. Instead of brimming with optimism about how gushingly wonderful 2013 is going to be, I'll just be happy if an asteroid doesn't crash into the planet and kill us all. Totally glass half full, that.

That being said, 2013 is going to be ALL ABOUT ME. I've spent the last decade+ gestating, lactating, educating and chauffeuring my three kids. And to quote a dear family member, "I NEED A BREAK! I NEVER GET A BREAK! WHY CAN'T I GET A BREAK?!?!?" (Love ya, dad!)

Each month in 2013 I'm going to do or make something just for me. Too many times projects for my own edification have been shoved aside for others. Well, NO MORE! I've long said to others who are struggling, "Remember when you're on an airplane and the flight attendant instructs you to PUT YOUR OWN oxygen mask on before helping others? Well, take care of yourself first because if you aren't healthy then you can't help others." Physician heal thyself.

This doesn't mean that my poor family is going to get crumbs from the table. Oh no. It only means that *I* will no longer get crumbs from the table. As an aside, when I'm looking for clipart in Microsoft Word, WHY does the keyword "happiness" bring up a gazillion pictures of pregnant ladies? SRSLY?! Because while my kids make me happy (most of the time), the process of being pregnant? Uhhh notsomuch.

If you want to join in the "All About Me in 2013" self-fulfillment project, feel free. The rules are simple.

1) Do something for your own edification at least 1 time each month and post about it somewhere. Bonus points if you link back to this post.
2) Use the tag  "All About Me in 2013" in your blog/facebook posts or use hashtag #AllAboutMe13 for Instagram/Twitter
3) If you want a badge for your blog/website/whatever, right click the image below, save it to your own hard drive and upload it to your own photosharing site/blog/whatever.

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