Housecleaning Haiku: School Papers

With kids in elementary school, there are ALWAYS papers coming home. Thankfully Tuesday is designated "backpack mail" day. Let me tell you that I DREAD Tuesday afternoons. Because with two kids, I get DOUBLE the crap information. Which is ironic really when you consider that our school is LEED certified. Or working on becoming such. And next year, Thing 3 will be going to the same school. The extra paper just goes in the recycling bin, but really, folks, do we NEED to waste the energy making/distributing extra copies? Could we NOT have an online version???? PLEASE??? I'm drowning over here! And then there's all the worksheets/homework sheets from school. With rare exception, it's all headed to the recycle bin, too.

School Papers

Killing Trees, so sad
Duplicate papers, so bad

Drowning here, I'm mad!

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