Fashion Friday: Vintage On A Budget Part 1

As promised, I'm going to give you my tips for how to go "vintage" on a budget. Understand this, you won't be able to do "authentic" vintage or repro vintage without some serious cash to invest. However, you can go for and get a vintage feel for less than what repro costs in many cases.

Since the devil's in the details, I'm focusing on accessories. Specifically my favorite accessory: SHOES. While I've owned vintage shoes in the past, the sizes/widths available and the cost involved make them almost impossible to have at this time. So I make do with vintage inspired stuff.

If you've got the cash, Dillards is the best place to get brand new, vintage inspired shoes. Every shoe I've linked is under $100.
  • Oxfords were the workhorse shoe of the 30s/40s. These are a more 40s style.
  • T-bar sandals like these or these were worn dancing and ballroom dancers still favor them today.
  • Sandals and wedges were worn during the 30s/40s for "play" time.
  • Mary Janes like these or these or these have a retro feel without being necessarily time period specific. This pair is early 20th century in feel. Maybe 1920s/30s.
  • Round toed pumps like these or these hint at those shoes popular during the war years.
  • While peep-toes like these, these, these and these say 1950s.
  • Moving on to pointy toes takes us into the 60s with these, these & these.
While those are available at a major department store, there are shoes to be had at lower end chain stores and big box type stores.

Payless has (all under $50)
Moving on to Target! Again - all under $50 with many under $20. And if you've got a Target RedCard (either debit or credit) you'll get an extra 5% off!
This is by no means an exhaustive list, and I'm not getting anything for these links - just so you know. I own some of the above and some of them in multiple colors. :-D Here's my collection of retro inspired shoes.

Handbag c. 2004 - Payless Shoe Source

"Mia" brand found at Goodwill - $4

Shoes to match the handbag - ~$20 at Payless
Gianni Bini peep toes, year unknown - $7 at a thrift shop.
Retail price was probably in the neighborhood of $80.
Ginger Rogers wore a pair similar to this in a few movies.

Currently available at Target for $25
Again, very much a 30s/40s feel.

Currently available at for ~$20.
I picked them up on clearance for less than $7 last week.
I also have them in camel.
 These are only a sampling of the shoes I have that are vintage/retro in feel. There aren't that many vintage shops in my area and the thrift stores are getting to be fewer and farther between as well. Most of what's available as "vintage" these days is pretty much late 80s/early 90s and prom dresses. Gone are the days of finding that special one of a kind piece stuffed in the back of a rack for who knows how long. Since Vintage Style became so popular beginning in the late 90s-early 2000s, the availability for a decent price has just disappeared.

Until next time!

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