Housecleaning Haiku: Dust Bunnies

I live in an old house. It was built in 1921 by a banker in the Celery City and we're approx. the 4th owners since it was first built. Like most Florida houses of that era, it's NOT airtight. Not even close. So the amount of dust we get is prodigious to say the very least. An antique dealer friend of mine once claimed that dust was the "protective finish" on antiques. And while the lazy side of me might agree with her, the technogeek side of me protests mightily. As you know, dust is the nemesis of electronic gadgetry. And since we're a highly connected household, we have to keep the dust at bay. Well that and the fact that my better half gets strep EVERY TIME the poor man cleans the paddle fans. Dust is evil.

Dusting the furniture

Dust bunnies, evil
Eradicate you, I must
Force with me, it is

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