Sprung Has Spring

House must clean;
Kick up dust,
House clean must!

My apologies to Master Yoda.

It's officially the first day of spring in our household: Easter Sunday *and* the week of Spring Break. So in honor of rising to new life, the house must shed the detritus of the previous year and shine forth like a beacon of cleanliness. Or at least that's the plan.

I would say that I'm motivated simply because its spring. But that would be disingenuous. Reality is that I've got a mere ten weeks (!!!) until the house must be pristine and showroom ready. Anyone with small kids knows just what a daunting task that is!
  • I've yet to put Christmas completely away
  • The leftovers of Easter baskets are flung far and wide
  • The living room is swathed in clean laundry
  • Fabric scraps and cuttings abound in some of the WEIRDEST places
Additionally, because we're jetsetting it for the summer (the real reason for the cleaning spree), I've got a lot on my plate:
  • Passport application expedited for middle child (I will not procrastinate on this again!)
  • Once the passport arrives, overnight it to Indonesian embassy with Visa application
  • Cook down the freezer
And there's the minutiae of daily life:
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy for me
  • Doctor appt for The Boy
  • Doctor appts for me
  • Sewing recital costumes
  • Ordering picutres for school
  • Finishing up the FHC dress and getting through the Sacramental prep program
  • Two more Bernina mastery classes
  • Home dec sewing classes at Joann's
  • Middle Child's sewing classes as well
When I look at it all in list format like this it's almost mindblowing. But I think I have this thing licked. Flylady, bless her heart, has a great program for getting started with baby steps. However, I've got my own plan. I'll update my plan and progress in the next post or three. I've got an awesome weekly planner and daily planner that I'll be sharing. :-)

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