I Love, I Love My Calendar...

With apologies to Neil Sedaka (I think) for co-opting the song title, I have a daily and weekly schedule in addition to a Google Calendar *and* a written monthly calendar that help keep me on the straight and narrow. Without them, I'd be sunk.

Some people can make do with just one calendar, but I'm so scatterbrained, I need at least four if not more.

My weekly schedule is broken down in one hour blocks:

This is my main schedule that I can edit as necessary based on activities and so on. I like to color code things so my eyes can pick out a particular activity rather quickly. You'll notice that the weekly calendar has quite a bit of "white space". That is filled up in the daily calendar for the most part.

My daily schedule is broken down in 15 minute increments:

I'm taking a page from Sophie Kinsella's novel (no pun intended) about the lawyer-turned-housecleaner. The main character's day was scheduled into 6 minute blocks for billing purposes. Back in the day, when I taught ballroom dancing, our days were scheduled in 45 minute blocks, so I figured I'd take the happy medium somewhere in between 6 and 45 minutes. 15 seemed to be the best for us. What you don't see on the daily calendar is my morning and evening Yoga/stretching. Whoops! I need to update the files. Speaking of which, I'd be very happy to share the excel files with anyone who wants them. Just leave a comment in the box. :-D

Here's a screenshot of my Google Calendar:

I like it enough, the only problem with the Google Calendar is that when I add my husband to an event on the calendar, it synchs with his Outlook at work and it screws up their internal time scheduling for his group. Weird. But as far as sharing appointments and stuff? It's pretty efficient. I keep my Flylady tasks/zones in the sidebar on the right, but I still haven't figured out how to get it perfectly customized.

My fourth calendar is the el-cheapola dollar version from Target's "Dollar Spot". It looks something like this, but mine has lined blocks and a pretty robin's egg blue cover.

I carry it with me everywhere so that I can jot down my appointments and whatnot. Back in the day when I had a working smartphone, I didn't need FOUR calendars. I had my smartphone. And it would synch with Outlook and I could synch my Excel calendars. But alas, it has died and gone to the great Cellphone Charger In The Sky.

So this is how I GET organized and (hopefullly) stay that way. Next post: "The Countdown Dance Cleaning Master's Spring Cleaning Challenge".

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