Roll Over Beethoven...

it's time for the bedroom furniture to get overhauled.

For a while, we'd been planning on dumping the antique furniture and going with something more modern and sleek like the Mandal series from Ikea.

It would have "only" cost around $700 to replace all the furniture. But when a series of life events dictated that this would not be feasible in the near future, I began to re-evaluate wanting new furniture.

The thing is, I LOVE my antiques. But I didn't like how they looked. Our room is decorated with a lot of Asian influence and the antiques just didn't fit well with the overall theme.

And I'm terrified of repainting antiques. I don't know why, but it's a twitchy thing about "ruining" a great piece of furniture. However, I had to do SOMETHING. I couldn't take it anymore having all mismatched furniture where each piece was not just a different color but also a different time period gave me a twitchy eye. What you don't see in the above pictures are the black shelves and picture frames.

The first piece to be reworked is the sewing cabinet in the first picture. It will have red legs and accents on the face while the body will be painted a satin finish black. See the project in progress:

The parts that are still brown will be red once the second coat ~ just applied ~ of black dries. I had a moment yesterday when I freaked because it began to rain out of nowhere and the piece was standing outside drying. OOPS!

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