I'm so thrilled that the course I was supposed to take at the local Fabric Mega Mart is NOT cancelled. I only paid for the class back in September of 2009. I found my original class supply sheet for it last night as I was cleaning out the Pit of Despair office/sewing room that I share with the Hubs.

Let me recap this for you... In Sept, I enrolled in a jumper class to make New Look 6639. I even blogged about it!!! I never did update on the class progress as stuff (pronounced she and it) happened. The class got cancelled and I re-enrolled in the same class on a later date. Which AGAIN got cancelled. But I am NOTHING if not tenacious. Never mind the fact that I'd bought fabric and notions enough for TWO jumpers for the girls. Oh no. So the then-director of the education department agreed to place me in the "reusable lunch bag" class dated for January 9th. And all was well. I'm easy to work with. I'm a happy girl, generally speaking.

Somewhere between October and January 9th, though, things went awry. The then-director left for family reasons (which I know she had a LOT on her plate) and there were things left undone. Most notably: my enrollment into said class. I'll spare you the details, but I ~was~ actually enrolled in the class, I just wasn't on the class roster. Which is why I wasn't informed that the January 9th class was cancelled. I didn't find this out until I showed up for class with all my gear in the most gawrsh-awful weather we've seen in a WHILE.

The NEW director of the education department was extremely apologetic while bemoaning the "way things were left" when her predecessor left. Now I understand that this is standard when one is dissatisfied with their predecessor, but the predecessor had given ME an earful on how terrible a job her assistant (the new director) had done while she was out with the Swine Flu. Yeah. Drama much? So getting back to MY story...

I was placed in the January 24th "reusable lunch bag" class. Goody. But as of January 9th, I was the ONLY soul in the class. Today, I stopped by and there are FOUR people in the class. Hence the title of this blog post! Hallelujah. It won't get cancelled again. Unless at least one person backs out of the class.

And if they do? I will hunt them down like the dog they are and make them pay. Because I've been patient. Longsuffering even. And I'm out quite a bit of scratch on the supplies.

Hopefully, the February 13th Sewing 101 class won't get cancelled. Because that was the Hub's bug Christmas gift.

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