Wearing History Test Pattern - Part III

Whew! For all the fiddly aspects of the bodice, the skirt was a simple, straightforward and most importantly EASY finish. The peplum/skirt pieces went together perfectly smoothly. The pattern is so perfectly drafted that there are NO mistakes or fiddly bits at all in that part.

I have to say that I was cautiously optimistic about this section because it had the potential to go very, very wrong. Kudos to Lauren for excellent quality control on this. Pattern pieces that do not go together well is a MAJOR pet peeve of mine. That sort of hot mess has had me uttering words that no woman, child or small animal should EVER have to hear. Simplicity, I'm talkin' to you, here.

At this stage of the game, I've got the dress complete except for my totally awesome buttons being attached, the hem being finished and to steam it out because the fabric I used can't really be ironed. Drats. Next time...

Speaking of next time, I kinda really adore this pattern. Actually, adore isn't quite strong enough a word. I will definitely be making this dress again. Like next week. Hell is freezing over, peeps, because I'm making it in white. And I don't wear white ever. Not even at either of my weddings. Which, ironically, is why I'm making it in white. My marriage is being *officially* blessed in the Catholic Church {long story!} and so I wanted something somewhat bridal as it IS a big deal but I wasn't trying to squeeze myself into my vintage silk 1950s wedding dress. I'm so excited I could spit, actually.

So Wearing History is going to get a two-fer pattern review out of me on this one as the next one will be the long sleeved version.

Stay tuned, gentle readers, stay tuned!

And now for the legal yada yada:

*In the interest of full disclosure, I received this pattern for the express purpose of testing and I will be duly noting this in each subsequent post.


Lauren said...

Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments on this pattern!
But most importantly, so many congrats on having your wedding blessed!

The Empress Nina said...

@Lauren - It's totally my pleasure. I loved making this pattern up even though my fabric choice was *iffy*. Note to self: fake microsuede is NOT a good choice for this look!

As soon as I've tracked down the final accessory, I'll have pix made and send you one for your archives.

Isis said...

I have bought this pattern, but I haven't dared to start it yet... :)

The Empress Nina said...

@Isis - I JUST finished it. I'm processing my pics in Photoshop now. Do NOT be afraid of it. Once you get past the fiddly bits, it is SO worth it. REALLY really REALLY worth it.

Isis said...

Yea, I imagine it is! :) I look forward to see your dress!

Emileigh said...

I'll be starting this pattern soon, and this has been very helpful! I'm still a bit nervous, but I'm hoping it will become clearer when the pattern pieces arrive!