The Easter Frock

Vogue 8701 in fashion fabric. Normally I am SUCH a stickler for having my plaids/patterns match. You should ask my sewing instructor, Alexis, how long it took to cut out the fleece for a jacket in class at the local Fabric Mega Mart.

Yes, I know I'm nearly certifiable in that regard. I think it's the hyperfocus that goes along with being ADHD. Oh well, that's life, that's what they say, you're flying high in April...

Ahem. Frank Sinatra has left the building.

I've only got one gripe other than the pattern match where this iteration of the dress is concerned: the LINING. I understitched as directed, but my lining fabric is SO slippy that it will not stay put. When I make this dress again, and I will, I am going to change up the bodice construction a bit to ensure that the bodice lining doesn't roll up at the neck.

I used Gertie's narrow hem advice and it worked out well. For like the third or fourth time in a row now. I think she's on to something...

I've styled the look with my fabulous $4 shoes that I picked up from Ross about 3 Mother's Days ago. Yes, really. $4. On Clearance. And  perfect match to my go-to Sunday-Go-To-Meetin' dress. I love that dress because it's got an amazing vintage style, but honestly, after wearing it repeatedly for three years, I was getting sick of seeing it. It was my ONLY "nice" dress and was a bit more formal what with the sheer overlay and all... I'm not getting rid of it though, not by a long shot.

The other main accessory is my very real black pearl (no relation to the ship of the same name) from my mother-in-law. I have NO idea whatsoever what I will stick in my ears. Most likely my diamond studs which were a wedding gift from my late father-in-law and my mother-in-law back in 2000. They are just plain studs big enough to be seen but not big enough to put anyone's eyes out. They'll go nicely with the silver threads in the dress.


ashley0107 said...

Very cute! I haven't tried stripes or plaids yet, I daren't! lol
$4 for a pair of shoes as lovely as those?! wow, I wish I could find bargains like that :)
Ashley x

The Empress Nina said...

I know, right? It was truly a serendipitous moment because I had already gone to half a dozen stores looking for THE shoes and NO one had anything. I found those shoes tucked away in the clearance section and nearly fell over with shock at the price tag. At that price they were going home no matter what!