The Intrepid Seamstress Strikes Back!

With a mouth full of brightly colored, pearl-topped straight pins, her trusty Lutterloh kit and some unbleached and unwashed (on purpose mind you) muslin, the Intrepid Seamstress set forth to tame the savage beast known as Brunhilde.

Swoosh ("kyun kyun" for all you Macross fans - watashi wa karewa piloto) went the roll of paper across the floor as she rolled it out in preparation to draft the *perfect* cover. She deftly measured and marked the paper and carefully connected the dots to create the four (well five) pieces that would become the cover for Brunhilde's rubbery latex foam form.

Snick, snick went the shears as she cut first the pattern and then the muslin. A preliminary pinning together of the bodice proved the accuracy of the Lutterloh system. And with the help of her trusty sidekick (with much prompting from the Intrepid Seamstress) she pinned and tucked and pinned some more until a reasonable facsimile of a cover was created.

BUT! Would it fit over the recalcitrant Brunhilde? Would the Intrepid Seamstress finally conquer her nemesis? Tune in Next Time!

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