Mini-Metrosexual, that is.

I'll be honest. I LIKE the MS look. I like a guy who can comb his hair, knows how to dress to go out in public and has decent hygiene. Everyone* knows that THOSE are they guys that get all the girls. So, what's a mom to do? Groom their son from infancy to BE the guy that all the girls want. And I'm all over that like putih on nasi (aka white on rice). Now, I know it's what's on the INSIDE that really counts, but it can't hurt to have a nice exterior to go with.

Lorenzo already has the flirting part down. Twinkling eyes? Check! Lashes that go one for miles? Check! Charming smile? Check! So it's just a matter of grooming. He has some cute curl in his hair and so I'm experimenting with pin curls on the top. I'll post pictures of the result, but for now, here's the before:

As for clothing, I'm the mom who takes her 13 month old out in dress slacks, dress shoes and sweater vest to go to the cosmetics counter. See?

He wears a blazer and tie to Church. He uses as many hair care products as I do. And there's nothing wrong with that. When he's old enough for dance lessons, he'll be there, too. So don't be surprised when all the little girls in nursery school are swooning.

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