Gertie's Book & Scalloped Skirt

If you follow sewing blogs at all, I don't need to explain who Gertie is or what book I'm talking about. For those of you not in the know, I've provided handy dandy links.

I was given a copy of this book a while ago as a gift. Mother's Day? Birthday? Anniversary? Christmas? I forget. But I love the book. LOVE. And not just because I've been following Gertie's blog for what seems like ever. Or the fact that the tips and tricks held within are amazing. Elastic thread. Bobbin. AMAZING RESULTS. Or even the way the book is laid out and made. Although that's pretty darn amazing, too.

No, the main reason I love the book is the patterns. I have a love/hate relationship with patterns. I love to look at them. I collect them. I love the envelope artwork - especially vintage patterns. But I hate when they don't come together right. Or the sizing is fictional. As in, you go based on your [bust/waist] measurement [depending on what you're making] and when the garment is cut out, it's miles too big. Wearing ease/design ease my eye. No one needs EIGHT INCHES of ease. Ahem.

So when I made my first item from the book - the scalloped waist skirt - I was pleasantly surprised.

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Why? Because it actually fit. The first time. With NO monkeying around with the pattern. I didn't need to grade up or down from my own measurement because it was one of the listed sizes. And when I traced and cut the pattern as is, it was exactly the right size. Not too big, not too small, JUST RIGHT. You heard me, Goldilocks, JUST RIGHT. That NEVER happens. And when I say never I mean NEVER.

Crappy Phone Camera Picture
I've yet to wear the skirt for a couple of reasons...

1) I'm terminally short, so the skirt as made is about 8" longer than Gertie's is on her.

2) I really want a crinoline to put under it. See #1.

3) I don't yet have a blouse to go with. That's coming soon.

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