I'm a total slacker

I meant to post an "end of the world" post for 12/21/12. Whoops. Since we're all still here - we ARE all still here, right? - I figure it's moot, but I'll share it anyways.

I mean, really. The Mayans TOTALLY opened the door for this one. I had this on vinyl and wore it out in college on my roommate's stereo. I'm pretty sure I still have it - LEONARD BERNSTEIN!!!! - somewhere in my collection of vintage vinyl.

Now that we've got that all out of the way...

I haven't been as visible online as I'd like to have been. Funny thing is, since my last post, a crap-ton* of stuff has happened. I've sewn a lot of stuff including some of the MOST complicated stuff I've ever made in the history of ever. Which I've posted on facebook and instagram, but not here. Mea culpa. *That's the PG-rated version. And yes, that's an official unit of measurement defined as a container your own height + 16".

My oldest child has had some serious health issues which resulted in her being homebound (not in school) since the first week of November. She'll be headed back to school in January which will be a very good thing for my mental health. I love my kids, but being "on" 24/7 with an "exceptional" kid can be extremely stressful.

As I write this, my grandmother who is in her 92nd year is in ICU and isn't expected to live very much longer. My prayer is that she passes quickly and painlessly and celebrates Christmas in Heaven. She deserves it. She had a hard life but a full life. If you don't mind sending up a prayer or good thought for her, I'd certainly appreciate it.

In closing, I'd like to wish everyone a very happy and blessed holiday season, whatever holiday you celebrate and I'll see you in 2013. I'll leave you with a song my grandmother *might* have sung (she of the "I took a walk in the garden of love, but I got poison ivy at cherry-pickin' time" song). Enjoy!

There's nothing like a tree with balls...

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