Mother's Day!

Leaving aside the whole "picture says a thousand words" cliche...

Quelle Surprise!
1. Yes, my hair is that bright!
2. Yes, that's the Wearing History "Tea at Two" in action!
3. Yes, those are my gloves hiding under the Easter wrapping paper.
4. Yes, that's my mom sitting next to me and no, she didn't "get in trouble in the third grade", lol.

First the gifts:

Two books on pattern making that came highly recommended by sewing bloggers I trust. Made my day. I went home and read the big one cover to cover. I'm mindblown. And to the naysayers in high school who say "I'll never use this crap (crap = algebra and geometry) once I get out of school!", shut yo' mouf. Because this book is chock full of algebra. I'm in HEAVEN. I love solving weird equations algebraicly. I'm a nerd/geek/dork/whatevs.

On to the outfit:

ROCK ON Wearing History, ROCK ON. I swear, this had to be one of the MOST comfortable things I've ever worn in my entire life, even including my "birthday suit". I kid you not. It just was *perfect*. It turned a couple of heads at Mass, but I think it was my hair more than anything. I mean, really, have teenagers not seen someone with pink hair before? There's plenty of old ladies with blue hair, so is pink THAT far fetched?

Once upon a time, my mom tried to color her hair red for Mother's Day after being blonde for a long time (thanks, Mother Nature!) and her hair went pink. Of course, instead of taking pictures, she had my dad run to the store and buy her a blonde hair color. And she thinks my hair is "weird". She started it. ;-P

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