Mom, there's a wormhole in my backpack!

At least that's my assumption these days. And it's a waaaaay better excuse for forgetting homework than the lame-o "the dog ate my homework" cliche.

Due to my oldest child's medical diagnosis of ADHD, she has in place a 504 Plan with her elementary school. Among the accomodations listed are for her math homework to be emailed to ME and I will hand her the relevant pages from her workbook which is now kept at home. Said child is getting BETTER about writing down or at least memorizing the math sheet of the day, but we're still working on her planner.

Ideally, she should be writing her assignments in the planner issued to her by the school. But we don't live in a Utopian society. Or even Lake Wobegon, for that matter.

Today's email exchange:

Dear Awesome Teacher:

Gabriella said they didn't have any math yesterday that she remembered. What is the homework for this week?

Dear Mrs. Sulu:

She should be writing it in her planner everyday as well. Yesterday Ms. Intern verified that she did, but I did not see her planner today.

Dear Awesome Teacher:
The planner "disappeared" but then "reappeared" in her backpack. I'm assuming there's some sort of space/time anomaly regarding her backpack. It's really the ONLY plausible explanation since gremlins are right out.
She'll have 125 AND 127 for class tomorrow. Whether or not the wormhole that exists in her backpack will divulge the papers is another story all together.
Live Long & Prosper,

Mrs. Sulu
Here's the thing, if I didn't laugh about this, I'd cry. And really, any excuse to use the phrase "space/time anomaly" does my little GeekMom™ heart good.


Philangelus said...

Ah yes, the disappearing-reappearing assignment sheet. We've had that phenomenon here as well. :-)

Becky said...

Any time you can say "live long and prosper" you should. Filing this away for when my kids are older....

Stephanie said...

That was probably the greatest nerd mom letter i've ever read