Monday Mayhem

Well, well, well...

Let's recap the last few weeks, shall we? Hmmm... There was supposed to be the jumper class? Well that fell through. Although, the Wilton Fondant & Gumpaste class was pretty good. I think the first two classes were a waste, though, since I'd already taken Course 3 and most of it was already covered then.

Then, I was sick for two straight weeks. Boy howdy did that take it out of me. And it wasn't the Dread Pig Disease. It was a case of getting a snootful of dust straight from the serger and sewing machine. And no, I didn't have AFLAC.

But, I was able to get not only my kids' halloween costumes made, but also a full on nursery set for a client done and out the door by November 2. You know you want to see the nursery set. I plastered it all over my facebook... So here they are:

The crib bumper

The crib quilt

The valance

The crib skirt (which you can't see all that well)

The curtains with back tabs.

Now I'm in the process of repainting about... oh... half? my house... I've done the shelves and hallway already. The china cabinet is reincarnated as well. I'm working on the dining room window seat tomorrow and then the dining room itself. After that will be the living room accent walls. From there, I have a couple of sewing projects: the dining room window seat cushions (something I've been "working on" for oh... 6 years?) and curtains for the girls' room.

After I've done all THAT, I still have some Christmas sewing to do: some kids' doll clothes and some nightgowns for the girls.... A jacket for the hubs and one for my cousin. Her brother gets a dress shirt and tie made by me. Their parents will get a tablecloth for their dining area. Beyond that... I dunno. My brain is starting to shut down with all the stuff I'm processing.

I had a very dear friend pass away unexpectedly last week and I'm coming down with something AGAIN *and* there were parent/teacher conferences today and well... As Shelly's favorite band The Beatles (or really John Lennon) would say... "Life's what happens when you're busy making other plans".

On a more upbeat note, though, I forgot to tell you about my pattern score! This week is $1 Simplicity patterns at Joann's. Amazingly enough, I found myself there 2 times in as many days, so I scored EIGHTEEN patterns. Yup. Less than $20 for a slew of amazing patterns. And the bonus? Lots of vintage re-releases! Wanna see what I got? You know you do! So here they are:

And last but not least... The one that got away... They didn't have this in the larger sizes and so I'm bummed...

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