Cue soundtrack and...

Boldly go... yada yada yada.

Hats off to William Ware Theiss. The man was a genius.

Now here's the deal. The Annual Halloween Brouhaha at my better half's employer has been on hiatus for two years. You know what that means? A Bigger, Better, Badder Brouhaha. Oh, yes. And the theme this year? If you haven't figured it out yet...

Does that help? Okay!

My better half was cast as Sulu. People who know me in meat life will know precisely WHY this is so hysterical. According to my dad, I'm such a Trekkie that I married one of the characters. Har har har. Thanks dad! I resemble that...

Now, I'm a Trekkie. I freely admit it. And so the thought that my better half would go on stage and perform in something less than a (fairly) authentic costume is abhorrent to me. Thus, I began my trek to the stars... And a tutorial will follow eventually. I'm documenting each step, so be patient. It will be worth it.

The best part of DIY is that you can save money. So far I'm up to about $20 or so worth of materials. This will get me:
2 custom dyed shirts
the dye
the trim
the insignia (handmade by me)
the knowledge that both my better half and the captain will be dressed appropriately and not in some kind of weird cobbled together thing while the guy playing Spock will be wearing an authentic (pricey) costume.
a bonus shirt for The Boy.
See? It's win/win. Where else can you get THREE Star Trek costume shirts for less than a fortune?

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Connie said...

Looking forward to the pictures of your costumes.

I made my son the one-piece uniform from TNG many yeaers ago and still have the pattern. Wish I had bought more sizes now that I see what they're going for on E-bay.