The Best Thing About Homeschooling

You want to know what the best thing about homeschooling is?

The fact that when Mama doesn't feel up to numerous iterations of workbooks and educational videos, she can just give the kids some paper dressed up as a "book" and let them have at it and it COUNTS! It's educational, I promise. I gave them a "project": Write a story and illustrate it. I think we're covering art, grammar, spelling, punctuation and creative writing as well as the all important "leave Mama alone so she can blog about you deal with her overreactive gallbladder" subject.

Here are the books BEFORE the Princesses Ella got hold of them:

The Younger Princess Ella is the one in the pink Sleeping Beauty Nightgown

You should only know how long it took me to FIND this picture once I uploaded it from my camera to my hard drive. Why it got sent to my VIDEO folder, I've no idea. Anyhow...

What I did to make the books:
  • Find card stock in pile on desk.
  • Let girls choose their own color from about 20 choices (the Elder choose purple, the Younger chose the pink)
  • Grab handful of printer paper (there's a reason I buy this stuff at the warehouse store)
  • Stack all paper together and cut roughly in half on the long side of the paper (exactly half would have been 5.5" but who's counting?)
  • Find 3-hole punch and arrange puncher thingies so that it punches 3 holes down the "long" side of the paper
  • String 3/8" wide grosgrain ribbon to make book
  • Field exactly 3,874,089,152 questions about what the books are and are not
  • Take picture and hide in office to blog about it while the girls knock themselves out creatively

Life is good. Except for my mother-frelling gallbladder which makes me irritable and tired and nauseated. It's days are numbered. Poor my kids. Little do they know that once Mama is done recuperating, their days of watching PBS all day in their PJs and eating Scooby Snakcs for breakfast are O-V-E-R. But I'm not telling them that. Let them have their little fun.

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